Cedar Dawn Farm

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CEDAR DAWN FARM rests in agricultural Monroe County, West Virginia. Our family oriented operation was established in 2000. We primarily raise meat goats, boer/kiko crosses and grassfed beef. In keeping with an all natural approach we only give medications or wormers to our animals to correct health issues and we NEVER put chemicals, herbicides or pesticides on our pastures. The only fertilizer comes from our horses, goats and cattle.

Our vegetables are from our garden which also feeds our family. we raise our crops using organic methods with most of our fertility being home grown. No chemicals are used.

Our meat animals are raised on browse and pasture, not corn or grain. This results in a naturally meaty animal with minimal fat. We are a licensed meat distributor and work with local federally inspected meat processing facilities to ensure product quality and to supply our customers with high quality, custom ordered cuts of meat. Being grassfed means our animals are fed the way nature intended. Feeding large quantities of grains to grazing animals makes the meat less beneficial for human consumption. Without the heavy grain feedings of a feed lot, grassfed meats have a healthier, more balanced nutrient profile. Grassfed meats are much higher in omega-3 (good) fats, detoxifying agents such as conjugated linoleic acids (CLA’s) and vitamin E.

They are also lower in calories, total fat and saturated fats. Our meats are naturally much leaner then store bought meats. Check and see how little grease is left in the pan after browning our ground versus store bought.

In 2008 we decided to add muscovy ducks to our menagerie and secondarily their eggs to our product list. The primary purpose of the ducks is to further aid in our efforts to raise the healthiest meat animals possible. Ducks eat many of the secondary hosts of common goat parasites and by adding the ducks to our other practices of pasture rotation, livestock species rotation and responsible pasture management we have cut our need for dewormer in half or less with some animals needing no deworming at all. The ducks themselves are 100% free range and can be found milling about with the goats, cattle and horses. We supplement their diet with a corn/oat poultry feed to keep them healthy through the winter and around the farm in the summer. You will find their eggs about 30% larger then a chicken egg with beautiful dark yolks.

We welcome guests to come visit anytime, just please contact us in advance so we can be certain to be around the house when you arrive.

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