Swift Level Farm


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Swift Level steers are Greenbrier County Angus raised on lush native bluegrass pastures without grain, stress, hormones, pesticides or herbicides. We do not apply any non organic application to our land and have not for 20 years. Our steers live in a quiet, free pasture, rotation environment where they can roam freely with their pasture buddies.

Our steers are allowed to mature at their own rate, we do not push them to finish at a specific time, each individual has his own growth cycle.

Our steers are hauled gently to a family owned USDA slaughter facility. Our animals are only slaughtered under monitored Animal Welfare Approved and USDA Humane monitored slaughter. We care about this part of the process as much as we can for them while living on our farm.

All beef dry hangs for a minimum of 40 days. The beef is vacuum packed and each cut of meat is traced, we know where it comes from and where it goes.

Swift Level, Tootie Jones, RR 02 Box 269 Herns Mill Road, Lewisburg WV 24901. (304) 661-6777. E-mail:

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