Hillyrock Farm


Angus Natural Beef

We raise our Black Angus steers on pastures full of good grasses and legumes.
They drink only mountain spring water

Why eat our pasture raised beef?
Tastes great!
Healthy and natural food for you and your family
Our animals are raised without hormones or antibiotics, in a stress free environment.

We sell “Freezer Beef”: Whole, Half or Split Half processed to your specifications or
STEERBURGER, ground beef using prime cuts (65% steaks).

We work closely with our neighbor farmers, who run the “cow-calf” operations, breeding cattle that meet our specifications and protocol of no hormones or antibiotics. When the calf is ready to leave its mother, instead of being sent off to a feedlot, we take them so they can “finish” on our grasses.

Our pastures of mixed grasses have been naturally managed, our soils analyzed for peak fertility and we have developed an extensive gravity-fed trough system using our spring water so the animals can be rotated to different pastures for maximum weight gain and health.

When they are ready to be taken off the pasture, they travel a short seven miles to be processed into steerburger and other cuts. We take pride and care in our part of the chain of animal husbandry that results in great tasting, high quality protein for local customers.

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