Redwing Farm

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We are a true family farm. We offer all of our favorite produce…planted, tended and harvested by our family of 4 (including our 4 yr old and 13 yr old) and many generous friends. We have an aspiration of farming for a living, and hope to reach that at some point.

We take great care in all of our produce, and enjoy it ourselves and are selective in our varieties. We hope you’ll enjoy the freshness and variety we hope to offer.

We also raise heritage pigs known for a richer flavor. We give these pigs a wonderful life with lots of space to root around. We do not use antibiotics or other medicines for them. Just a healthy living environment and the best pasture we can provide, supplemented with high-quality feed, garden surplus, local apples and pumpkins.

Our pork is processed at an Animal Welfare Approved facility who were themselves impressed with the tameness of our pigs. We take great pride in good pigs.

Email us at redwingfarm1@gmail.com with any questions.

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