Zenith Springs Farm

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Zenith Springs Farm is tucked at the base of Peters Mountain in the community of Zenith, WV. The farm lies along the St.Clair Fault line, where the limestone layers folded and cracked millions of years ago. Abundant and pristine mountain spring water flows through these fissures. With access to this natural resource, we grow culinary herbs, leafy greens, alliums (garlic, shallots and onions), mushrooms and blackberries without the use of any chemicals. We grow the food that we like to cook and eat. We harvest the veggies at their peak – not too big, not too tiny, but rather when they are full of flavor and true texture.

We have completed our high tunnel and are in the process of planning, cultivating and harvesting our first season of leafy greens. We are learning to use this new tool to expand our products and extend our growing seasons.

We have been growing for the on-site market in Union, WV for the past three years. Last year, 2011, was our first year growing for the online market. Growing for multiple markets was both challenging and rewarding. This year holds the promise of a more consistent supply of produce for our customers. We look forward to growing good food for you and your family.

Zenith Springs Farm will be taking a brief hiatus from the market in order to replant for fall crops. We expect to be back online in mid/late August with more lettuces, onions, garlic, shallots and herbs.

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