Jamit Baskets

Website: jamitbaskets.com

This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

This grower has a photo album.

Jamit! Baskets began in 1994. We are
self-taught weavers. We grow willow and
bamboo on our land,and always trying
to incorporate natural material within
our design. In 1995, our “Molly Basket”
was chosen by QVC Home Shopping Network
to represent WV in the 50 States in 50
Weeks national broadcast. We had 10
weeks to make 500 baskets. We kept our
resolve and made,one at a time,50 Mollys
a week for 10 weeks. In the 5 minutes of national airtime we were given, 200
baskets sold on air. This instilled the
belief that creating baskets would be our path in life. In the beginning days
of Tamarack we juried in and still consider Tamarack a great place to sell.
We are both supporters for keeping
all artisians and creaters active and

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